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Advertise very expensive

Started by wolverin 2016-09-19 at 08:35
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After fixed ads i just want ro starts PTC advertises and i think that very-very expensive! 1000 credits for $1.20 optimal, but 5 credits 1 view was terrible expensive like $6 for 1000 views! (real high sites were not this expensive like Grandbux, FamilyClix, Buxvertise etc.). Also awaiting near 2 days to enable (1st the credits, then the Advertisement)... Please think about it.
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thanks for your post,

actually due to 5$ bonus there is high advertising rate Either PC aim is to provide world's cheapest advertising and best paying program and again i will say only that once bonus will stop and site will be like other normal sites ofcourse advertising rates will be cheaper and paying rates will be higher good luck all who are doing their journey of success with us

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further more i look in this issue more deeply and reduce rates some sorts it was increased because too much spam was getting clicked so i increased but i;ll surely see what can be done now as we are on 5k members :) thanks once again to trust on PC and join my site


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